Welcome to BOEHMS



- The use of the most current methodology of Private training for ice hockey goaltenders on and off the ice

- Annual summer clinics for all ages and levels

- Winter time private training on ice with your current team during practices/ok with coach first

- Team package deals for coaches / organizations to maximize what they can do on offense / defense without the worry of dealing with the goal

- Special skills nights organized and put together by BOEHMS for organizations to offer for thier goaltenders

- Goaltending consulting on an individual / team / organizational basis

- A device where BOEHMS can be used to contact coaches/teams and other personnel for the goaltender to further his/her career

- Facility sports centers to hire BOEHMS / Tom Boehm to work with its clients who are ice hockey goaltenders

- A top notch webpage to hold archives of all the goaltenders information for scouts/coaches/the individual to always look upon

- Video filming and photography for anybody or organization to take advantage

- Facebook connection with BOEHMS for advertisement of individual / team / organizational purposes

- The assurance that BOEHMS will always be available to listen to any problem / problems the goaltender being trained is having

- The assurance that BOEHMS will always work its goaltenders mind and body in a way to always better themselves